Quilted Northern’s “Designed to Be Forgotten” campaign is based on a simple truth: No one wants to remember toilet paper, or what they do in the bathroom. They just want to flush and forget it.

But, in 2017, consumers were also forgetting that they could buy toilet paper online. Despite the fact that buying it in a store is riddled with irritation (like carting around bulky packages, or being seen with a giant reminder of your bathroom activities), only 3% of US households bought it online. 

So on National Toilet Paper Day, America’s most forgettable holiday, we launched “Forgettable For All”, an integrated activation and partnership with Amazon Subscribe & Save. By subscribing, consumers would be delivered Quilted Northern automatically, so they would never have to think about buying (or using) toilet paper ever again. 

First, we made a film recognizing that National Toilet Paper Day, like our product, is pretty forgettable.

Then, because no holiday sale is complete without a pop- up store, we put some in NYC and Seattle. In addition to being forgettably tiny, the stores reversed conventional shopping behaviors: they were so small that shoppers could only buy toilet paper online with their phones. 


In a single day, our campaign made Quilted Northern the #1 best seller in it's category and sold two months worth of volume, representing a 6000-percent sales lift. The campaign garnered a total of 115 million impressions, and more than 32,000 people interacted in person with our pop-up stores in New York and Seattle.

Plus, because people signed up for recurring purchases with Subscribe & Save, we ended up selling an incremental 20,000 units over time—an enduring revenue stream beyond the day’s sales.

2017 Gold Effie: Shopper Marketing Seasonal/Event

2017 Gold Effie: Single-Retailer Program: Other